Cybersecurity jobs available right now: May 1, 2024 – Help Net Security

The Adversary Simulation Specialist will be responsible for testing and evaluating the security of a LyondellBasell’s networks, systems, and applications. This role involves conducting application assessments, vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, and ethical hacking to identify and exploit vulnerabilities to improve the organization’s security posture.

As a Cloud Cyber Defense Engineer, you will be responsible for bringing thought leadership, influence, gathering technical requirements, evaluating solutions, and executing on deliverables addressing Deloitte policies around Private and Public Cloud solutions.

As a Cybersecurity Lead Engineer, you will help the engineers in our projects to fulfill their responsibilities and help to align our cybersecurity base solution in tender works, and be able to answer most questions in a tender, including suggested changes from a legal perspective.

As a Cybersecurity Technical Architect, you will develop and maintain secure architecture designs for the organization’s network, systems, applications, and data. Research, evaluate, and recommend security technologies, tools, and solutions to enhance the organization’s security posture. Establish and enforce technical security policies, standards, and procedures.

As a Cyber Security Analyst, you will monitor and analyze security events and alerts, perform triage of incoming alerts – assess the priority, determine risk, and respond, create tickets and escalate them to higher-level security analysts and developers.

As a Cyber Security and Fraud Engineer, you will develop and implement strategies to detect and prevent unauthorized access to member accounts, ensuring robust real-time fraud detection mechanisms are in place. Investigate and respond swiftly to reported cyber fraud incidents to protect members’ interests.

As a Data Privacy Specialist, you will conduct privacy impact assessment (PIA) and artificial intelligence (AI) assessments, monitor updates from the National Privacy Commission, and other applicable privacy and artificial intelligence laws, rules, regulations, and best practices relevant to its impact on the company.

As the Expert, IT Security, you will ensure the availability of up-to-date expert knowledge on risk and security tools, procedures, and systems while driving enhancements to our IT security architecture. Your responsibilities will include leading security investigations, promoting compliance, and managing vendor relationships.

As a Red Team Specialist focused on Generative AI Models, your primary responsibility will be to conduct simulated cyber attacks and penetration testing on our generative AI systems, including but not limited to language models, image generation models, and any related infrastructure.

The PKI Engineer will assist in the development of PKI solutions and day to day operations to meet security and business requirements. The PKI engineer must possess an understanding of the concepts of cryptography such as Symmetric/asymmetric cryptography, Secure hash functions, Digital signatures and SSL/TLS.

The Global Head of Security Operations Centers (SOC) and Incident Response (IR) will be responsible for leading the development, implementation, and management of several global security operations centers and incident response program within the organization.

Cisco | Canada | On-site – View job details – No longer accepting applications

Lead Compliance Analyst to be SME for Identity and Access Management facilitating fulfillment of SOX controls for applications in SOx scope within the IT Security Operations portfolio.

Act as Sox Control Owner in performing Control maintenance, testing, and evidence gathering. Build and maintain work instructions for artifact creation.

Ejabi InfoSec | UAE | On-site – View job details – No longer accepting applications

The Junior Penetration Tester will be responsible for conducting penetration testing, application security testing, reverse engineering, red teaming, and malware analysis.

As a Security Engineer- Platform Security- Workvivo, you will fix the vulnerabilities discovered by the Offensive security team (Web App, Mobile App, APIs, AWS infrastructure). The role will require coding from a security perspective, you will be expected to code in Laravel, PHP and Go.

Security Operation Specialist responsibilities include configuring, maintaining, and automating security tools, addressing weaknesses, and researching new threats. The candidate will build, install, and configure security solutions, ensuring operational compliance with established baselines.

As a Senior Risk/Cyber Security Analyst You will also be responsible for ensuring cyber controls are documented and updated according to regulatory requirements or cyber security standards, helping mature the Cyber Risk Management program, developing and maintaining processes and procedures for policies lifecycle management.

The Security Analyst will be responsible for assessing, implementing, and maintaining compliance with security standards and regulatory requirements.

As a Senior Analyst, Security OT Architect, you will be responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining security measures for our industrial control systems (ICS) and other operational technology components.

In your role as Senior Specialist IT Operations & Security at Addiko Bank, you are at the forefront of maintaining and protecting out IT infrastructure and networks. You will oversee and advance IT operations and security projects to guarantee the robustness, reliability, and security of the bank’s IT framework.

In this Senior Threat Hunter role you will execute threat hunts tailored to specific industries and assigned threat groups while delivering content for our WorldView platform. Discover opportunities for detection (YARA rules, IOCs, etc.) that can be implemented in the Dragos platform for the benefit of customers.

As a Software Security Researcher, you will participate in security evaluations of in-house and 3rd-party developed products, and conduct R&D activities in the areas of vulnerability research, reverse engineering, and exploit development/mitigation bypass.

The Threat Hunter will be responsible for identifying advanced persistent threats using automated models, develop new models based on latest attack patterns, analysis of anomalous log data, provide expert analytic investigative support for complex security incidents.

As Threat Operations Security Engineer, you will develop, integrate, and operate highly available log collection, event monitoring, alert generation, and incident management tooling and services for security using Elastisearch on Kubernetes. Drive standardisation, efficiency, and consistency across our Threat Operations solutions and security technology stack.